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World of Light: A Portrait of May Sarton

A Film by Martha Wheelock and Marita Giovanni Simpson (1980)

$9.95.  |  DVD HOME USE  |  30 MINUTES

Enter the world of poet and novelist May Sarton on this one-of-a-kind documentary film – a world of solitude and passion that we are privileged to see and hear first-hand. Filmed with her full cooperation, World of Light is narrated by Sarton herself, offering a complete picture of her life as a woman writer outside the mainstream. World of Light documents May Sarton in the final period of her long career, contemplating her work, her loves, and her influence on other women. May SartonIn her own words you will hear May Sarton reflect on solitude (“my last great love”), how a writer can persist, the impact and unforeseen popularity of her journals, why she started to write (“to discover my feelings”), and more.


“The portrait of May Sarton is intimate and personal. She speaks freely and passionately about her life as an artist and as a woman. Sarton comes across as a strong-minded courageous person who has lived a rich life.”
Hartford Courant


American Film Festival Finalist, 1980

Connecticut Film Festival, First place, Documentary First Person