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Wild West Women always has something in the works.  Now we are focused on the 2020 Centennial for the VOTE and electing women.  Along with lots of projects across the country, we are gearing up for the grandest celebration in Women’s History.

Visit our Projects page often to see what we are up to and how you can participate.

Tea with Alice & Me

Tea With Alice & Me is a full length one woman performance that takes the audience to women’s tearooms ~ Seneca, Selfridges, The National Women’s Party, Women’s Bookstores. Of course it is really about a cup of revolution served up in nonviolent direct action. From 1775 through today, Zoe takes you on her militant, revolutionary, feminist call to action. Hundreds of pictures and personal stories transport you to each time and place she describes.

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The Justice Bell Foundation

Wild West Women is working with The Justice Bell Foundation on a film about the 1915 Pennsylvania Suffrage Campaign, which used an exact replica of the Liberty Bell.

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Celebration of the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote – 2020

In connection with the National Women’s History Project, we have our eyes set on the 2020 Suffrage Centennial National Celebration. Wild West Women is producing films which will show various aspects of this long-fought campaign for equality. Our INEZMILHOLLAND~FORWARD INTO LIGHT is one of our releases, as is CALIFORNIA WOMEN WIN THE VOTE, and VOTES FOR WOMEN. When TEA WITH ALICE AND ME is released as a film, as well as Zoe’s performance, still more of the campaign is told. Watch for other chapters of this unpresented story of Women’s History.

Here are some websites where you can find current news:

California Suffrage

America has developed many nationwide centennials for major historic events – The Louis and Clark Expedition, the World War I Centennial, and the Civil Rights Celebration. We should certainly be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote on August 26, 2020.

Several States granted women full suffrage before the 19th Amendment became law; these states were mostly in the emerging West. State Centennial are underway. Join your state’s or start your own celebration.

1869  Wyoming
1893  Colorado
1895  Utah
1896  Idaho
1910  Washington
1911  California
1912  Oregon, Arizona, Kansas
1914  Nevada, Montana
1917  New York
1918  Michigan
1919  Oklahoma, South Dakota

August 26, 1920 ~ All American Women Win the Right to Vote.

In addition to our films on women’s history and the Suffrage Movement, another project we have in mind:

A Passion for Discovery: Women in STEM

(A film project in development, waiting for the funding and the Muse. No date yet anticipated.)

This documentary film will present a history of women in Science ~ from its hidden geniuses and pioneering foremothers to its modern explorers. It exposes the barriers women overcame in order to follow their aptitude and interests; it asks what women bring to STEM fields, and why there are few women scientists. By using archival material, reenactments, and on-camera interviews with scholars and working scientists, A Passion for Discovery is designed to offer historical and cultural perspectives and inspire young women to honor their abilities, to pursue their curiosity, and to help us meet the future and diverse demands of the STEM fields. Thus far we have filmed Dr. Meg Urry, Astro- physicist, and Tech Trek, a Science and Math Camp for Girls.