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Donate to Wild West WomenWe are Wild West Women. We have been sharing Women’s History and women role models since 1994 through both film and education. We outreach to diverse communities; we donate films and make presentations to schools, libraries, organizations, military groups, prisons, museums, and to any interested group or individual, with or without funds.

We hope that you will agree with us that spreading Women’s History and their stories greatly increases our humanity and our democracy, fosters equality and inspires us all, each and collectively, to reach our full potential.

We thank you for your contribution and for joining us in shining a light into women’s lives and history.

Wild West Women Serves as a Fiscal Conduit

Wild West Women provides services as a Fiscal Conduit for Artists and  Filmmakers.  We are pleased to list them here for you to make tax-deductible donations. These donations go through the Wild West Women 501(c)3 and on to the artists you indicate on the donation form.

Into Light

A short film on the last moments of a great Suffrage Martyr
Her sacrifice turned the tide for women’s freedom
Starring Amy Walker
A film for the Suffrage Centennial and Women Win the Vote

Be empowered by the true story of Inez Milholland, a woman who gave her life so that all people could have the right to vote. Your tax-deductible donation to this production puts you at the forefront of social change.

Support gender equality with our award-winning, mostly female team, and bring women’s history Into Light in this short film that aims to inspire people to Vote this year. Plus get IMDb film credit and other perks! With deepest gratitude and esteemed respect, The Into Light Team

Into Light - A short film by Amy Walker

Wild West Women is taking tax-deductible contribution for the completion and promotion of this important film, and to honoring our RIGHT TO VOTE:

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Inez Milholland