Berenice Abbott: A View of the 20th Century


Berenice Abbott: A View of the 20th Century

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DVD | 57 MIN

A Film by Kay Weaver and Martha Wheelock (1993)

Critics place Berenice Abbott (1898 – 1991) at the head of her class; she was one of the greatest American photographers of the 20th Century. From her portraits of the avant-garde taken in Paris during the 1920’s, to her documentation of New York in the 1930’s, to her science photography of the ’50s, and her studies of small-town America, Abbott’s genius is in the incredible range of her work. Filmed during her 91st and 92nd years, the open-hearted Abbott takes us on a guided tour of her century. The tour teaches history, perseverance, courage, and single-minded dedication to one’s chosen field.

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