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Alice Paul, the ERA and Zoe

Wild West Women is the proud producer of Tea with Alice and Me, a full length one woman performance that takes the audience to women’s tearooms ~ Seneca, Selfridges, The National Women’s Party, Women’s Bookstores. Of course it is really about a cup of revolution served up in nonviolent direct action. From 1775 through today, Zoe takes you on her militant, revolutionary, feminist call to action. Hundreds of pictures and personal stories transport you to each time and place she describes.

In addition to Zoe’s two live performance presentation, in this extraordinary time of 2021, we also offer two virtual programs; Alice Paul Snapshots of Her Life and ERA 101.  Each of these are available for your club, class and group.  Presented on a Zoom platform.


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Learn More about Miss Alice Paul - missalicepaul.com

Virtual Presentations

  While we cannot gather, we offer two virtual programs

Alice Paul Snapshots of Her Life

How can a life be told in an hour?  How can 92 years be distilled?   Zoe tells the short story of a long life in just 9 snapshots of Miss Alice Paul.  After all, Miss Paul’s obsession, activism, and pure focus on the ERA never fading is the most inspiring part of the story.
Hour presentation with your Q&A.

Alice Paul - Snapshots of Her Life
ERA 101

ERA 101 

You can be certain this is not a history class or attorney talk.  This is about the young Quaker girl who saw clearly that social work would never be enough to solve the problems of poverty.  Beginning with her epiphany in 1906, this is the story of the unfolding of a committed vision for constitutional equality for all.  Miss Paul saw suffrage as simply as a stone in the mosaic of equality, took it on fully and, when achieved, she began writing, educating and working to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.
Hour presentation with your Q&A.

Live Performances

We look forward to gathering again in Fall 2021

Tea with Alice and Me


Tea with Alice and Me is a one woman stage production which tells the story of the intersection lives of Miss Alice Paul woven by lifelong dedication to the ERA.  Highlighting the thread of tea, from Seneca to Lafayette Square Park, this engaging experience is unforgettable.   Tea with Alice and Me is a call to action.  Zoe has sifted through what works and how change occurs.  This show is the long view of women’s culture as politic.  It is never finished.  It is dynamic.  Zoe is constantly expanding it to include yesterday, today and tomorrow.

At the center of Zoe’s heart is the first person to organize a march down Pennsylvania Ave, Miss Alice Paul.  Knowing this young Quaker woman who was arrested, served time and never rested in her 92 years, will invite you to celebrate Applied History, Applied Activism and honor the Mother of American Political Activism.  When you put on a hat and march, you will know how that happened; Alice Paul.

Tea With Alice and Me
Alice Paul

ERA The Heart of Miss Alice Paul 


Activist and Artist, Zoe Nicholson tells the story of The Equal Rights Amendment, from Miss Paul’s first insight in 1906 to the May 29, 2018 ratification in Illinois. Zoe sat in the eye of the political storm, on a folding chair in the Illinois rotunda fasting on water for the 37 days leading up to the defeat of the ERA. Inspired by Sonia Johnson and joined by 5 more women, they lobbied, they faced grave danger, they talked with opponents and supporters alike.
Here is the story of radical feminists and the unfinished business of Constitutional Equality. Now, more than ever it is apparent that nothing less will create lasting equality, equity, and representation.

Productions of Alice Paul, the ERA and Zoe
are made possible by Wild West Women and the support of our supporters:

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